Veterinary Acupuncture

For centuries the healing art of acupuncture has been practiced on animals. The origin of acupuncture dates back to ancient China. The Chinese regularly practiced acupuncture on horses then gradually tried it on other farm animals and finally dogs, cats and birds. This form of healing work is based around bio-energy or Qi. Acupuncture serves to unblock Qi energy and in so doing boosts the immune system which aids in self-healing. Acupuncture causes the body to release endorphins and hormones while at the same time decreasing inflammation both internally and externally.

The Chinese discovered that animals have similar meridians and reflex-points to humans. These meridians are the fields in which Qi energy flows. The meridians are connected with internal organs, muscular and joint structures, and the nervous system. Acupuncture points, which lie on the meridians, are areas of the skin at which the flow of Qi can be affected. When an animal is unhealthy, there is an imbalance or interference with Qi flow. The acupuncturist manipulates the animal's Qi by stimulating specific acupuncture points, which alleviates the blockage or imbalance.

Not until Oswald Kothbauer in Austria and Erwin Westermayer in Germany began experimenting with treatment of cattle and horses did acupuncture begin to be recognized in the west as a legitimate healing modality.

In order for your veterinarian to diagnose your pet it's important for them to have a thorough understanding of the body's meridians and the relationship of those meridians to the corresponding condition or illness.

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